The Best 7 Baby Baths

Nuby Baby Bath with Built in Seat

Our verdict: Love this product. The in built seat in the bath supports your baby with out needing to hold them.

Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub

Our verdict: Great little bath and uses hardly any water. loved this from early on and still enjoy at 5 months.

GoBuyer Ltd Baby Bath Tub

Our verdict: The bath is easy to use and fits easy into the shower. 

Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Support

Our verdict: Moulds well to shape and has a small line so you know how much water you need in the bath.

Aqua Scale Digital Baby Bath with Scale White

Our verdict: really enjoyed bathing our babies, not worried if water has the right temp or not!

Aqua Lux Large 102cm Baby Bath Tub

Our verdict: A really good size, love that it also has a thermometer.

Alytimes Inflatable Baby Bathtub

Our verdict: It has a little support inside to prevent the baby from slipping.

Baby Baths UK

Picking a baby bath is simple but as technology and products are getting increasingly more clever and more added features to them. Choosing the best value for money baby bath is actually getting more difficult each year.  

Baby Bath Seat 

 A baby bath seat is the first you want to consider, within our list some of the baby baths come with a pre-fitted baby bath seat, whilst others do not. 

In most cases this reflects in the price but choosing the cheapest will therefore not save you anything if you require a booster seat for your baby.

The Angel care Soft Touch Baby bath is the best bath seat in the list and holds your baby securely in place whilst bathing.  

Baby Bath With Support

The Aqua Scale baby bath is a prime example of a baby bath which has all the features included, even having the addition of a scale so you can check up on how much and fast your baby is growing too! 

Baby Bath Toys

 Bath toys typically are bought separate but using toys which are less slippy and bigger are always better.