Top Best Baby Bottles UK

Dr. Browns Baby Bottles

Our verdict: Over 20 years delievering the best baby bottle sets, this includes everything you will need!

Tommee Tippee Bottles

Our verdict: These bottles are the baseline for many households, they do the job and do it well but down not come with steriliser.

Dr Browns Anti-Colic Bottles

Our verdict: Similar to the number one, these are just the bottles on their own. They Aid in digestion for a good night’s sleep

Tommee Tippee Colour Bottles

Our verdict: If you prefer keeping your baby bottles colour co-ordinated, these are the perfect choice for you!

Closer To Nature Baby Bottles

Our verdict: A popular choice for new mums and is fantastic quality.

Pink Baby Bottle Starter Kit

Our verdict: If you have a new baby girl, this is the perfect starter kit for you.

Baby bottles are needed by every mum at some point, there are many similarity’s from bottle to bottle. Not all are made to the highest quality and ensuring the longevity of the baby bottle.

Glass baby bottles

When it comes to choose the type of bottle, the two main choice are the plastic or glass bottle. 

Glass has a longer lifespan and will be fresh as day one clean after clean. But the downside to glass is the added weight, you are going to be holding this bottle for what will feel like a lifetime and glass baby bottles feel get heavy.

Plastic bottles are just the reverse really of the glass, lifespan is much shorter but will last the time it will take your baby to start eating more solid foods and makes for a fantastic water bottle.

Baby bottle steriliser

We have not included a steriliser on its own in this list but our number 1 comes with a baby bottle steriliser included.

If you have your bottle and need just the steriliser we recommend:

Baby bottle multi pack

A steriliser is important in keeping your baby’s bottles extra clean and gets rid of any germs that can cause flu’s or colds, always invest in a baby steriliser.

Baby bottle set

If you are starting fresh it is worth getting your baby bottles and steriliser together, you will need both and it is often much cheap to buy them both together as a set.

Anti-colic baby bottles

All the baby bottles included in the list are anti-colic bottles, this is important and is an added safety feature of the bottle.