The 8 Best & Most Practical Baby Changing Bags

Baby Changing Bag, MoFut Baby Diaper Nappy Rucksack

Our verdict: Brilliant quality and price.Very good for traveling & great to use with pushchair.

Eono by Amazon - Baby Changing Bag Diaper Backpack

Our verdict: Very good bag. It has a wired frame at the top of the bag, like a Drs bag,

Lekebaby Baby Nappy Changing Bag Satchel

Our verdict: Huge changing bag, great if you need to carry a lot of spares.

Bebamour Changing Bag Backpack

Our verdict: It’s very well made, ours gets thrown around, stuffed to the brim, bashed and squashed! There isn’t a stitch out of place

Ju-Ju-Be - Legacy Collection - Be Right Back

Our verdict: Well designed, with good pockets for storage and easy access. It's very pretty, but not too girly!

Ju-Ju-Be - Hello Kitty Collection - Be Prepared

Our verdict: Excellent size, and very well thought out design, and love the fact it was a great price too!

Pipi bear Changing Backpack Bag - Large-Capacity

Our verdict: Straps for stroller included, the whole bag is well insulated and great!

PacaPod Picos Pack Black Shell - Designer Baby Changing Bag

Our verdict: Very practical & functional bag! Great to have your hands free!!

Best Baby Changing Bag UK

baby changing bags come in all shapes, sizes & serve many different purposes all wrapped into one.

An absolutely life saver is a baby changing bag, but you need to make sure that the bag you choose really fits your expectations. 

If you travel further, you are going to need a larger and more features packed in there but if you are going for local walks, a lightweight with just the essentials will be perfect.


Designer Baby Changing Bags

Either way we look at it, a designer baby bag really stands out and looks fantastic. 

From big names such as Gucci, Cath Kidston & Louis Vuitton.

Often with a huge price tag on these bags, they are not affordable for most people. So as we reviewed all the listed baby bags, they are the same if not better functionally than these bags. 


Baby Changing Backpack

 A backpack is a great option if your pram or buggy does not have under storage to put the bag in when on the move.