The 9 Best Baby Monitors

HelloBaby Wireless Baby Monitor

Our verdict: With night vision included for this price the baby monitor is fantastic. We have some issues with the range from time to time but nothing that was fixed after reset.

Campark Video Baby Monitor

Our verdict: Coming in at just £49.99, the Campark monitor is good value for money but has a noticeable difference in video quality compared to the others.

Campark 4.3 Baby Monitor

Our verdict: The upgraded baby monitor from Campark is so simple to use and is fantastic quality!

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Our verdict: Near the same as the other BT monitor list, but the quality of video and the product is less on this, we would recommend to pay the extra if you can afford it, its well worth it.

BOIFUN Baby Video Camera

Our verdict: Long range signal & great value for money, the quality just doesn't quite match the BT Baby monitor.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Our verdict: A small display but is clear enough to monitor your baby. This monitor feels very well made and will stand the test of time.

Victure Video Baby Monitor

Our verdict: On the bottom of the price scale for baby monitors, we think that the Vicutre is the best option for anyone looking to spend less than £50.

Reysun Video Baby Monitor

Our verdict: The new monitor on the market is the Reysun. We thought to test it and was really impressed in how it faired against the big brands for such a great price too!

BT Smart Video Baby Monitor

Our verdict: This Baby Monitor has every bell and whistle, the quality of the camera is brilliant.

A Little Bit About baby monitors

With the features always updating and getting better with each yeah that passes. 

Picking the right baby monitor can be like entering an endless abyss of options. In this guide our aim is to make that choice clear, all the product have been tested and compared against many others. 

The best baby monitor 

this is very board because it really depends what you need from your baby monitor, for example if you need a visual, a baby video monitor is the one for you. 

Cheap baby monitors are usually as good as their price, low quality audio & video does not seem like the end of the world, until you have to listen to it most nights.

Motorola & BT baby monitors have dominated the baby monitor market for years. The quality is fantastic both sounds and video (dependant on model). 

But now there is more choice for a baby monitor than ever before, the competition for the best gets even more difficult which is our gain! 


Baby monitor says video but no screen?

To cut back on the price you pay, baby monitor apps have been created so it can go straight to your phone.  

We recommend these if you are getting a baby monitor on a budget. But the video cameras are not always as clear as they make out.