8 Best Baby Walkers You Must Get!

Vtech 505603 Baby Walker

Our verdict: This walker helps develop child walking skills but the toy/learning function really surpasses itself.

Mychild Coupe 2-in-1 Baby Walker Black

Our verdict: Bit fiddly to put together but absolutely love it.

Fascol Baby Walker

Our verdict: Has everything you need in the walker. Strong fabric bolted on to the plastic and its solid material!

MyChild Roundabout 4-in-1 Activity Walker

Our verdict: Our baby boy loves it from the day one. Very easy to use, manoeuvrable walker, loves toys and has music.

Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist Walker

Our verdict: It’s bright & colourful & bit different compared to the usual either pink or blue ones on the market.

Arkmiido Baby Walker

Our verdict: Great value for money, easy to assemble and clean/maintain.

Fascol Baby Walker with Brake

Our verdict: The best thing about this is the sounds and toys above, which keeps them busy.

Kids Embrace Batman Walker, Blue

Our verdict: Looks very cool. It’s a sturdy walker and had fab features

Best Baby Walkers UK 

Looking for a baby walker can be difficult and the type of walker is dependant on what stage of walking your baby is at. 

Each and every baby walker has features to suit different needs, such as a tray for light snacks and juice. 

Other areas to look out for is how heavy or light the product is, if the baby walker is too light they will not be challenged but too heavy of a baby walker will not be moved. 

We suggest getting a heavier walker if you have wooden flooring in your house and lighter with carpeted houses. 


Where to buy a baby walker

Online Amazon is by far the best place to get a baby walker that lasts, they have all the big name brands on there, with next day delivery which is an added bonus!

In store - baby walkers from Argos and Asda seem to be the stores which stock the better baby walkers.