The 7 Best Baby Changing Units

1. Bebe Style Baby Portable Changer

Our verdict: A well padded changing unit that has great side supports, stopping any accidents. The build quality of the changer is brilliant and we struggled to find any fault.

2. Bambino Wall Mounted Changer

Our verdict: By far the best wall mounted baby changer, with easy to follow instructions, the Bambino is in a league of its own.

3. East Coast Clara Dresser (Antique)

Our verdict: If you don't like the plastic look or it does not fit your houses style, maybe this antique changing unit is the one your looking for!

4. Mychild Peachy Changing Unit

Our verdict: The My child stacked up to the number 1 on this list but due to a less stuedy build quality it came in at 4th on this one, it is more than capable and not flimsy by any means.

5. woodluv Dresser Station, Babys Changing Table Unit

Our verdict: The woodluv baby changing unit is for the mums and dads who prefer a simple desgin, it is a solid changer but being so basic can be a downside too.

6. Obaby Open Changing Unit

Our verdict: The Obaby changer is the best budget option to buy, this changer does nothing fancy but nothing bad either. It delievers what it says on the tin.

7. My Babiie Baby Bath and Changing Unit

Our verdict: At just £87 this units design is beautiful but there has been reports of this changer being a little bit on the flimsy side.

The Best Rated Baby Changers in the UK

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