Find the Best Birthing Ball Size For You!

Pregnant ladies, unsure which birthing ball size is the right one for you? 

Don’t worry … BABYGO have put together your straightforward expert guide explained in less than 400 words.

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The Little-Known Secret.

Before we show you our dependable birthing ball size guide chart, we want you to feel at ease with your choice.

No one talks about the most important consideration when choosing the right ball. The simple reason, most retailers only want a sale. 

What no one tells you is the little-known secret. Most balls are not safe enough to hold your pregnancy weight.

Alarmed!? Don’t worry… 

By most balls, we don’t mean all balls, and we mainly mean gym balls.

The Similarities

It is incredibly difficult to tell the difference between a birth ball and a gym ball just by looking at the two side by side.

Both are available to buy in the best ball sizes for pregnant women - 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. 

Each can be made from anti-burst material.

Unlock the benefits of the BABYGO birthing ball

The Key Difference

Material Quality.

The BABYGO birthing ball. is made of much thicker materials than any gym ball.

We cannot emphasize enough; a ball of inferior material quality carries the risk of injury if you are to use one in pregnancy.

Incredibly a gym ball that can hold up to 125kg (19st 10b) is not supportive of your pregnancy weight and is unable to keep you steady.

 Gym Ball Not Suggested For Use in Pregnancy

Curious as to why? Here are two proven reasons why in less than 100 words.

1. Balance

During pregnancy, your joints soften allowing your spine to readjust position to accommodate your growing baby.

This makes it much harder to keep your balance than it normally would.

A gym ball is likely to slip from underneath you as you try to keep your balance, leading to injury.

Unlock the benefits of the BABYGO birthing ball

2. Posture

For you and your baby to really benefit, your knees need to be 10cm lower than your hips, when sat on the ball.

It’s impossible for you to achieve this position on a ball of inferior material quality. 

You will simply sink into your ball, increasing the risk of you falling over.

Birthing Ball Size Guide Chart

We want to keep you smiling!

The superior quality of our birthing ball promises to give you the confidence to exercise safely during pregnancy.

See our guide below for the best size for you.

Babygo Birthing Ball Size Guide

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