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BABYGO - TrustPilot 5 Star Rating
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Free Exercise Guide 30 trimester specific excersises, helping you before, during & after pregnancy.
Super Strong Over 5 times stronger & safer than a standard gym ball.
None Slip Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic PVC.

Whats in the box? 

Whats in the box? 

Be Inspired by BABYGO!

Boost your energy, build your strength and help your baby!

Improve your core strength, balance, posture, flexibility & stamina. Protect your pelvis & stabilize your spine. Relieve tension in muscles. Ease sciatica, pelvic girdle pain & help SPD. Protect your round ligaments & SI joints.

Our ball is your perfect companion during pregnancy, contractions & labour.

  • 1x Extra Strong Ball
  • 1x Pregnancy Advice Guide
  • 30x Trimester Specific Exercises
  • 1x Foot Pump
  • 1x Tape Measure
  • 2x Ball Plugs
  • 1x Ball Plug Removal Tool for Deflation

Why do BABYGO have The UK's #1 Birthing Ball?

Our dedicated pregnancy ball is proven more robust & safer than any other.

Better manage your pregnancy weight using our birthing ball & enjoy the biggest and best benefits for you and your baby.

  • Super Strong: Supporting weight up to 500kg - 5x stronger than a regular gym ball.
  • Extra Thick: 2000 Micrometres - Guarantees the best stability & posture for you & your baby.
  • Anti-Burst: If pierced our ball will deflate slowly & safely ensuring no injuries.
  • None Slip: Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic PVC.
  • Easy Clean: Hygienic & germ free - Clean with warm soapy water & soft cloth.
  • Pregnancy & Baby Friendly Material: No phthalates and non latex.

Over 30 Trimester specific exercises & advice from some of the leading pregnancy experts.

Use our birthing ball in seated & leaning positions with limited change to your daily routine, help your baby into the best foetal position and strengthen your bond.

Relax, exercise, make it fun, get your partner involved!

  • Trimester specific exercises & pain relief during labour.
  • Strengthen your core, increase your suppleness
  • Encourage your baby into the optimal foetal position
  • Bond with your baby, help soothe & rock them to sleep
  • Rebuild & recover your strength & stamina

What is the best size for me?

When sat on the ball your knees should be 10cm or 4" lower than your hips. We recommend:

  • 5ft 3" and below inflate your 65cm ball to a diameter of 60cm.
  • 5ft 3" to 5ft 10" fully inflate your 65cm ball.
  • 5 ft 11" and above fully your 75cm ball.
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During labour you may find you instinctively sway and rock in rhythm with your contractions, and a birthing ball gives great support for this. During the pushing stage you will want to avoid sitting, so use the leaning or hands and knees positions. They will take the pressure off your bottom and give your baby lots of room to descend and be born.

Benefits of our Birthing Ball

Benefits of our Birthing Ball

Birthing ball positions are full of benefits that can make your pregnancy easier and boost your opportunity of a natural birth.

Heres just a few of them:

  • Relax common pregnancy aches in the lower back and shoulders. Ease your haemorrhoid pain. Gain a better night’s sleep. Boost your energy and improve your stamina in labour.
  • Protect your pelvis and spine under your pregnancy weight. Improve your balance and posture as joints soften. Build the strength back up in your core and increase your pushing power in labour.
  • Engage with your baby and encourage them into an optimal foetal position ready to move down your birth canal. Dilate your cervix and use the ball for comfort during contractions.

Use your birthing ball in seated and leaning positions in the comfort of your home with limited change to your daily routine. Get active without even realising and even get a partner involved!

The benefits are truly endless, checkout our blog for further reading...

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Easy Clean Hygienic & germ free, clean easily with warm soapy water.
Extra Thick 2000 Micrometres guarantees the best posture and stability.
Anti-Burst Deflates slowly & safely ensuring no injures.

Pregnancy Ball Exercises

Pregnancy Ball Exercises

Include Birthing Ball exercises as part of your daily routine, as early as the first trimester!

The BABYGO birthing ball includes over 30 trimester specific exercises advice and guidance!

Leading experts in the field of maternal fitness agree that keeping fit and regular exercise while pregnant can stack the odds of an uncomplicated birth in your favour.

  • The best exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easy exercises, at a low intensity are highly beneficial to you.
  • Better management of your pregnancy weight will reward a better birth.
  • Exercise until the end of your Third Trimester for ultimate reward.

Speed up your recovery postpartum and take advantage of pregnancy hormones still in your body!

  • Use our ball for comfort following diastasis recti, c-section and when rebuilding your pelvic floor.

Take a look at our blog for further reading...

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We are here to help inspire the next generation of pregnant women to get active. Rewind 10 years and you will find that 69% of pregnant women gave birth naturally. The NHS say that from April 2016 to March 2017, 45% of deliveries began or ended with labour intervention. Pause for a moment and absorb that fact.

In just one year, in the UK, 285,744 of pregnant women and their babies missed out on the benefits of the most special gift of all. The rewards of a natural birth.

We have listened to childbirth specialists to help you better understand why this is happening.

Jean Sutton connects pregnancy complications with inactivity. Modern lifestyle and cultural habits mean we are less active than we have eve been before. We are experiencing aches and pains in pregnancy more than we ever have before.

Dr Michel Odent links medical labour intervention to an increase in developmental disorders, psychological problems and addictive behaviours in the younger generation.

We are motivated to help because your safety and the safety of your baby matters.

If we can help just 1% of pregnant women to be a little more active, this would give us immense satisfaction and pride. Be inspired and let's do this together!

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