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BABYGO - TrustPilot 5 Star Rating
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30 Second Easy Install Simple to fit for everybody. No tools, no DIY skills needed.
Superior Quality Tested to ensure long lasting performance and durability.
Dual Setting Locks Activate and Deactivate when convenient for you.

Whats in the box?

Whats in the box?

Be Inspired by BABYGO!

Development milestones for your baby are happy memories that last a lifetime.

Child proof your home with confidence & enjoy these stages, worry free, as your child learns to crawl, walk & explore your home!

Box Contents:

  • 10x Dual Setting Safety Locks
  • 2x Magnetic Safety Key
  • 1x Applicator
  • 10x Safety Catches
  • 10x Safety Lock Stickers
  • 1x Step by Step Installation Guide
  • Bonus: Extra 3m adhesive & pack of screws included

Why do BABYGO have The UK's No.1 Magnetic Child Safety Lock?

Our locks are superior quality tested. Relax in the knowledge they have been tested to ensure they are made from the best quality materials for long lasting performance and durability.

Our Safety Locks & Catches are:

  • Easier to Install: Forget about waiting on tools to do the job, we have made installation easy for everybody. Our innovative applicator simplifies installation and is frustration free. This means your lock will align perfect with your catch. We 100% guarantee no DIY experience is needed.
  • Faster to Install: Our unique applicator means that you can install 1 lock & 1 catch simultaneously in just 30 seconds! 📽️ Watch our installation video here and see for yourself!
  • Super Secure: We use official 3M adhesive tape, a proven robust and secure alternative to screws. It takes just seconds to peel the tape and apply, with the bonus of leaving behind no mess.
  • Hidden from View: The perfect deterrent to discourages your little one from trying to open your cupboards and drawers unlike with traditional locks. Eliminate the risk of your little one trapping their fingers.
  • Dual Setting: More versatile than other locks. Activate and deactivate your locks at your convenience in just seconds, for easy access!

Why do BABYGO have The UK's No.1 Magnetic Child Safety Key?

Relax in the knowledge our magnetic keys are made from the best quality materials meaning superior performance, don’t settle for less!

Our Magnetic Safety Keys are:

  • Super Powerful: We give you the number 1 solution for high quality doors & drawers, up to 38mm (1.5”) thick.
  • Easy to Use: Hover your key over the lock & move it in a parallel direction to release the catch in just seconds! Frustration free unlike traditional locks!
  • Safe from use by Toddlers: Not yet at an age to have developed the motor skills to use the keys to open doors & drawers. Discourages your little one from trying to open your cupboards and drawers unlike with traditional locks!

Take Care

Most other brands compromise on quality.

Our magnetic keys have been rigorously tested to ensure that we can guarantee you long lasting performance!

What furniture are the locks and keys compatible with?

The BABYGO magnetic child safety locks are suitable with both cupboard and drawers with:

  • Pull-to-Open Mechanism
  • Slide-to-Open Mechanism
  • Soft Close Mechanism
  • Multi Drawers
  • Sideboard Units

Unsuitable with:

  • Push-to-Open Mechanism
  • Fridges
  • Living Room Doors
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We have made it easy for everybody to child proof there home! Mum's, Dad's, Grandparents, Relatives and Guardians, with BABYGO you can keep your children safer in just seconds!

It takes just 30 seconds to fit one of our locks! And what’s more, no DIY experience is needed.

How is possible that our locks are faster to install if I have no DIY experience?

No screws

Forget about waiting on tools to do the job our safety locks are fitted ready with 3M Official Adhesive tape. A proven hard wearing and secure alternative to screws, with the bonus of leaving behind no mess!

*Screws are provided for preference

We have included an installation applicator.

The only applicator that 100% guarantees you peace of mind that your lock & catch will align perfect, with no tools needed.

It’s simple to use.

Simply, insert your lock and catch into your applicator and peel off the 3M outer covering and apply to your cupboard and drawers.

Compatibility with furniture up to 38MM (1.5”) thick

Our locks can be fitted in a variety of different ways making them universal with most high-quality furniture up to 38MM (1.5”) thick.

Dual Setting

Activate your locks in the day time when your little ones are awake, deactivate them at night when they are asleep. Its simple, just flick the hook on your lock!

Magnetic Keys

Simple to use for adults, tricky to use for toddlers, yet at an age to develop the motor skills to use them to open your cupboards and drawers.

The perfect deterrent to stop little ones from emptying your cupboards and drawers, keeping them free from injury and your valuable items free from damage.

Discover More

Learn more about the benefits of our lock and key

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Child Safe & Secure Hidden from the view of Toddlers - the perfect safety deterrent.
No Drilling Required Extra strong 3M official adhesive tape. Leaves behind no mess.
Powerful Magnet The best solution for quality doors & drawers up to 38mm (1.5") thick.

Trusted & Tested

Trusted & Tested

Include Birthing Ball exercises as part of your daily routine, as early as the first trimester!

Safety is our top priority. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We test our products to ensure that we only use the best quality materials for the job.

Our locks and magnets have been rigorously tested to ensure that we can guarantee you long lasting performance and durability!

This means that we can keep our promise to you, a long lasting super secure lock , and a super powerful magnet.

You, our BABYGO community, can relax in the knowledge we are the number 1 dedicated child safety brand that you can trust!

Why are out magnetic keys better than others.

Its simple. We have tested our magnets to ensure they work with high quality doors & drawers up to 38mm (1.5") thick.

This allows more people to benefit from a magnet that works with their furniture and helps to keep more children safe from injury!

Why are our locks and catches more secure than others.

We only use Official 3M Adhesive Tape. The strongest adhesive tape on the market. We have the certification to prove it!


Check there is enough clearance space for your catch & lock to stick onto and then install vertically or horizontally to suit.

For ultimate bond strength, allow adhesive to set for 24 hours.

Use your target stickers to help locate your invisible locks even faster!

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What makes BABYGO different from others.

Yes, safety is one of our top priorities! We bring to you a superior product, made from the best quality materials, as we believe in 100% transparency and we want you, our BABYGO community, to relax in the knowledge you have chosen a brand that you can trust.

But why is safety one of our top priorities!?

As a brand we hope to inspire parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, beyond the products we sell.

Yes, there becomes a time when you need to child proof areas of your home, the benefits of keeping your children safe at home are obvious, but why do we do this?

We do this because your home is the place where your baby will undergo some of the most cherished milestones in their life!

Developmental milestones for your baby happen fast.

Before you know it, your baby is at the stage of their development where they are crawling, and then all of a sudden, curiosity really has set in, your child has learned to walk and is a cute little toddler interested in touching everything they can see.

BABYGO don’t just give you a superior child safety lock, we understand the need for a superior child safety lock!

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