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We encourage you to use the "BABYGO Pregnancy Classes" to help you adapt to pregnancy with ease & comfort by learning; different breathing techniques, safe & efficient exercises using the BABYGO Birthing Ball & relaxation. All whilst creating a special bond with you & your baby!

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Suitable for 14 weeks +
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45 Minute Live Workout


15 Minutes of FAQ's


Opens up your hips


Improve Stability


Ease Back Pain, Sciatica & PGP


Strengthen Pelvis & Pelivc Floor


Reduce Tension

About Vanessa

Pregnancy Classes With Vanessa Flow

About Vanessa

Born & raised in Lancashire, I have a large background in dance. After being part of the professional dance industry I believe there is no better time to start yoga than whilst pregnant, to take some well deserved "time out" to focus on you & your growing baby. I like to keep my classes light hearted, with music, movement and a good giggle too, after all yoga doesn’t have to be so serious. I hope to see you bouncing on your ball very soon!

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