Pregnancy Support Belt

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Sciatica, PGP & SPD Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt
Pregnancy Support Belt

Sciatica, PGP & SPD Support Belt

We guarantee immediate relief and comfort.

The BABYGO belt uses the highest quality micro-thread technology. This ensures the best and safest support for mum and baby during each trimester.

Wear our belt under or above clothing and feel the benefits.

Made from innovative, super soft, 2-way stretch lightweight material. Our belt prevents and eliminates pregnancy aches and pains like no other.

  • Immediate Relief
  • Targeted Lightweight Support
  • Adjustable Velcro and Easy to Fit
  • Mesh Inserts for Enhanced Breathability
  • Super-stretchy Elastic for Comfort
  • Extremely Soft, Skin-Friendly Fabric

📏 Measuring the right size for you.

BABYGO Size Diameter of Lower
Small 70cm - 100cm
(maximum stretch)
6-8 2-4 34-36
Medium 80cm - 110cm
(maximum stretch)
10-12 6-8 38-40
Large 90cm - 120cm
(maximum stretch)
14-16 10-12 42-44
XL 100cm - 130cm
(maximum stretch)
18-20 14-16 46-48
XXL 110cm - 140cm
(maximum stretch)
22+ 18-20 50+
  • 1Measure the circumference of your lower back and abdomen (slightly above the pubic area)
  • 2 Choose your size depending on the diameter of your abdomen in cm.
  • 3 Choose the colour of the pregnancy support belt you wish to purchase.
* Example: If you are 110cm in your third trimester we recommend size large.

👩‍⚕️ Recommended by leading obstetricians and midwives.

Medical studies show wearing a high quality maternity support belt, helps to promote a healthier pregnancy. Resulting in a safer and easier birth for you and your baby.

Our fully adjustable velcro belt, is comfortable to wear, with mesh inserts for added breathability, and will support you all the way from first trimester to last.

  • Protect and minimise back, pelvis and hip pain.
  • Stabilize your spine, lift your belly and encourage proper posture.
  • Relieve tension in muscles.
  • Ease sciatica, pelvic girdle pain & help SPD.
  • Protect your round ligaments & SI joints.

📚 Birth Preparation, Labour and Recovery.

Leading obstetricians continue to link an active lifestyle with a healthier birth for you and your baby.

Buy our pregnancy support belt and receive your Free 40 page pregnancy book.

  • Expert Advice: Learn how to adapt to changes in your body and remain active for longer.
  • 25 Yoga Stretches: The best yoga stretches for mum and baby, illustrated with step by step guidance for beginners.
  • Trimester Targeted Exercises: Release tension in pregnancy and prepare your body for labour.
  • Postpartum Recovery Plan: Return to your post pregnancy weight with our optimal recovery exercise plan.
Immediate Relief Lower Back, Pelvis & Hips.
Super Stretchy Fully adjustable and comfortable.
Fully Breathable Mesh inserts for enhanced breathability.
Pregnancy-related pelvic pain is common and thought to affect one in five women during their pregnancy. This pain can be felt over the lower back, hips, groin and down the inside or back of the legs. Hormones such as relaxin soften ligaments, making the joints of the pelvis and back less stable. Remember to keep a good posture. Keep as active as possible but within your pain limits.

Pregnancy Support Belt 

Targets, prevents and eliminates common pregnancy aches and pains like no other.

Stay healthy and keep active for longer with our 4-1 pregnancy support belt.

  • Micro Thread Technology: The best and safest support for mother and baby during each trimester.
  • High-quality Back Brace: Excellent support lifts the weight of your belly. Soothes and eliminates pressure on your back, pelvis and hips.
  • Premium Belly Band: Optimal compression targets and protects over stretched ligaments. This is caused by an increase in pregnancy hormones.
  • Innovative Bump Strap: 7 strings for added relief, freeing tension and eradicating SPD, pelvic girdle pain and sciatica.
  • Comfortable 2-Way Stretch: Lightweight, breathable fabric for an unrestricted range of motion during exercise.
Skin-friendly Extremely soft fabric.
4-1 Support Tailor-made for each trimester and postpartum.
Pregnancy Book Included Birth preparation, labour and recovery.

Postpartum Benefits

Take advantage of pregnancy hormones still in your bloodstream the first 5 months after birth.

Made from an incredible innovative material. The BABYGO pregnancy support belt snaps back into place and can be safely used to wrap and compress your belly following birth. Stimulating an optimal postpartum recovery.

  • Ease Discomfort: Binding your belly is the safest way to speed up your healing process.
  • Optimal Recovery: Support core muscles and ligaments stretched during pregnancy.
  • Abdominal Separation: Our wrap promotes muscle memory & improves your recovery from diastasis recti.
  • C-Section: Stabilise your wound and help make walking around easier.
  • Pre-Pregnancy: Reduce swelling, minimise stretch marks and return your uterus to its original size sooner.

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